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Filipino Actor and Dancer – John Prats

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Filipino Actor and Dancer – John Prats

John Prats born February 14, 1984 in Manila, is a Filipino actor and dancer.


Prats started in Philippine show business at the tender age of 8 (in year 1992) as a child star in the now-defunct kiddie gag show “Ang TV”. In 1995, his first starring movie was the adventure film “Batang X”, where he played one of the superheroes. “I was just a kid and I thought I was just playing but later on I fell in love with my work”, he said as he’s ready to have some serious acting stints.

After all the kiddie roles, at 14, he was grouped in a trio and became the drummer of their band called “JCS”. They were able to release an album that later on turned Gold Record. After a couple of years, they were disbanded and Prats’ career in showbiz moved at light speed.


Soon enough, he became a Bench model/endorser and his face infected towering billboards with all his product endorsements. All modeling aside, John Prats will never allow acting to take second string in his life. His stint in the popular teen-oriented show “G-mik” in 1999 (he was 15 then), where he played the boy-next-door, his boyish charm opened a whole new avenue for being a young matinee idol.

Prats then starred in a series of teenybopper films and TV shows including: “Trip”, “Jologs”, “My First Romance” and “Berks”. This guy stands out from the crop of heartthrobs and promising actors. He was also into TV hosting in “Cyberkada”, “Coverstory with John Prats” and “ASAP”. John can very much hold his own with regard to talent.


Aside from acting, dancing has always been his passion. Through different musical variety shows, he was able to showcase his dancing prowess and eventually tagged as “The Prince of Dance” and “Dancefloor Dynamite”. After all his boy-next-door/leading man roles, at 21, he first played a gay role in the movie “Ako Legal Wife” where he garnered good reviews from all facets of the entertainment industry and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor on that. It was even followed with another gay-themed movie “Manay Po!” where he played a flamboyant gay.

Prats loves to tackle off-beat roles. Not drawing boundaries in substantial acting makes a good actor, according to him. He’s going through the motions to prove something to the industry and to himself.

“I’m always giving my best to entertain people, be it comedy or drama and its overwhelming to see people praise my work. It has always been a challenge for me, but as long as they want me to perform, I’m here to work for them.” Not to mention, he already finished his studies (he’s a Business Management graduate) while being under the kleig lights of the ‘biz. Being 14 years in the entertainment industry, growing up in the limelight has truly made showbiz Prats’ world.

German Actor – Max Riemelt

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German Actor – Max Riemelt

Max Riemelt, born January 7, 1984, in Berlin, is a German

actor best known for his role as Friedrich Weimer in the award-winning war drama, “Napola.”

Riemelt discovered his love for acting while at school. After making his debut in Matthias Steurer’s TV mini-series Zwei allein in 1988, he followed this a year later with the TV movie “Ein Weihnachtsmaerchen” and Dana Vavrova’s children’s adventure film “Der Baer ist los.”

Since then, Riemelt has worked regularly for film and television, such as teenage comedy “Girls on Top” (Maedchen Maedchen), Friedemann Fromm’s TV movie “Brennendes Schweigen,” Christian von Castelberg’s “Mein Vater und andere Betrueger”, Dirk Regel’s “Lottoschein ins Glueck” and Susanne Irina Zacharias’ “Hallesche Kometen” as well as episodes of “Alarm fuer Cobra 11”, among others.


Finally in 2004, Riemelt landed his breakthrough role as Friedrich Weimer in “Napola”, in which he was awarded the prize for Best Actor at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival for his performance. Napola subsequently won the festival’s Audience Award.

Most recently, Riemelt will appear in upcoming films ” Up! Up! To the Sky” and “Die Welle.”