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USA Actor – Michael Cassidy

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USA Actor – Michael Cassidy

Michael Cassidy, born March 20, 1983, in

Portland, Oregon, USA, is an actor.

He is known for playing the character of Zach Stevens in the popular TV show The O.C.

To prepare himself as an actor, Michael studied for almost two years at New York’s New Actors’ Workshop.

He went to Los Angeles in 2004 to audition for Superman Returns. He didn’t get the part but impressed McG, then the film’s director and an executive producer of The O.C., who got him an audition.


Aside from his acting career, Michael enjoys playing golf.

Bollywood Actor – Vivek Oberoi

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Bollywood Actor – Vivek Oberoi

Viveik Oberoi, born September 3, 1976 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is a Bollywood actor. He is the son of veteran actor Suresh Oberoi.


Oberoi attended Mayo College, Ajmer and Mithibai college in Mumbai. At an actors’ workshop in London he was spotted by the director of NYU, who took Oberoi to New York City to complete his Masters Degree in film acting. He then did some scriptwriting before making a break in films.

Oberoi made his debut in Ram Gopal Varma’s “Company”. The film was a critically acclaimed hit and his performance was applauded. He received Filmfare Awards in the Best Debut as well as the Best Supporting Actor category. He then starred in the action films, Road and Dum, in which his performance was appreciated.