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musician Spain’s-Alejandro Sanz

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musician Spain’s-Alejandro Sanz

Alejandro Sanz was born in Madrid in 1968, although his parents are Andalusians. His father was a professional guitarrist who played accompaniment for stars including Manolo Escobar and Lola Flores, and Alejandro’s earliest influence was flamenco. A mediocre trade-school student, he carried his guitar practically everywhere he went from age 15 on, and played at local parish functions in the working-class Madrid neighborhood where he lived, later graduating to performances at bars and clubs.


The turning point came when he met musical manager Miguel Angel Arenas (known in the trade al Capi) in 1987. Arenas, who had previously helped launch the career of the Spanish super-group Mecano, got Sanz jobs as a recording artist. Sanz made his first solo record in 1989, a odd techno-flamenco work entitled “Los Chulos Son Pa Cuidarlos” (it is now a collector’s item, with copies reportedly selling for up to $,1500).

At the beginning of his singing career, Sanz was categorized as a mere teeny boppers’ idol. Concert tours to promote his albums “Viviendo Deprisa” (1991), “Si Tu Me Miras” (1993) and “3” (1995) were characterized by hysterically screaming pubescent girls and multiple faintings. But Sanz, whose songwriting was showing increasing maturity, wisely broadened his audience base to appeal to adult listeners. That change was signalled by the watershed album “Más” – including the hit song, Corazón Partío (Broken Heart) – which sold two million copies in Spain and three million worldwide, making it the most successful Spanish pop record ever.


Although Sanz is eager to enter the American market, on the back of the fashion for Latino music, he prefers not to sing in English, unlike his contemporary Enrique Iglesias. That is not the only difference between Sanz and the son of Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias. Where Iglesias Jr. is arrogant and standoffish, Sanz is outgoing, amenable, witty, and has a way with the media. Besides, he’s a better musician.

Country music performer -Adam Gregory

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Country music performer -Adam Gregory

Adam Gregory, born July 12, 1985 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a country music performer.


Gregory’s first album “The Way I’m Made” was released in 2000 when he was only 14. The album earned Adam the Prairie Music Award for “Outstanding Country Music Recording,” in September 2001 and Adam won the Canadian Radio Music Award for “Best New Country Artist” for the first single from the album, “Horseshoes,” at the March, 2001 ceremonies during Canadian Music Week.

The Way I’m Made was also nominated for two Juno Awards and four Canadian Country Music Awards. The four singles from the album: “Horseshoes,” “Only Know I Do,” “No Vacancy,” and “Big Star,” were hits and all four videos that were made to accompany the singles were #1 at CMT. At the time of his sophomore release Workin’ On It, sales for Adam’s debut release went gold.


It has been a whirlwind for Gregory, but he has managed to stay grounded and focused. The Way I’m Made received a great deal of critical acclaim but also generated a burgeoning fan base. A sensitive young man, Adam will always stay long after his show is over to sign autographs, sometimes for as long as 3-4 hours. “I don’t like to leave until I have a chance to meet everyone. These people have come out to see me and give me their support, so I want to make sure everyone gets an autograph. I love doing that.”

But alongside his regular life, Gregory’s passion for music drives him. “Without music I’d be so lost. If I don’t sing for a long time, I feel as if I’m going into withdrawal –something’s missing. I need to be singing. It makes me a better person and inspires me to do better.”

Gregory received recognition as one of eight individuals worldwide nominated for the CMA Global Country Artist Award. This award recognized outstanding achievement by a Country Music artist who has furthered the popularity of Country Music, and brought attention to the genre in their foreign-based territory. Adam has definitely brought a lot of the young teenagers into listening to country music.


Gregory’s second album was released in 2002, and was titled “Workin’ On It.” Gregory is still recording, and his latest single is titled “Never Be Another.” Gregory is carried by the Sony Canadian record label. In 2005,Gregory was nominated for the Country Music Association’s Global Country Artist Award. In the summer of 2006, Adam released his self-titled third album containing his hit single “Get It On,” which was released by Mensa Records in association with Aquarius Records.

Aside from his music career, Gregory has also appeared in a Canadian film production entitled “Sharp as Marbles” as Albert which was filmed in Vancouver, BC.

Venezuelan Actor – Daniel Elbittar

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Venezuelan Actor – Daniel Elbittar

Daniel Elbittar, born April 30, in Caracas, is a Venezuelan actor.


Elbittar’s mother always told him that he’s an actor since he was born and will succeed as an actor. Her premonition came true when Elbittar accompanied his sister to do casting for “Así es la vida”. They auditioned him by chance and was signed on the spot. Soon after, he landed his first professional role, that of a series regular in 2001 as Alberto José in “Más que amor, frenesí”.

His acting career took off as he took roles in many more Venezuelan telenovelas such as “Enganada” in 2003, “Negra consentida” in 2004 and “Olvidarte jamás” in 2006 as Alejandro Montero.


In 2007, Elbittar landed one TV project to another, appearing in such popular series as “Seguro y urgente”, “Decisiones”, and recently, playing the role of Juan Pablo Alcántara in “Camaleona”.

If he could describe himself in three words, Elbittar would say fighter, romantic, and positive. He says his best quality is that he is always consistent and that he is much happy when he is surrounded by his family and friends.


His ultimate dream is to someday break into Hollywood but he knows that his destiny rests in his own hands so he is determined to work hard to break into the industry and make it big.

Outside acting, Elbittar loves to play basketball and make sushi.