Curt Fortin – Musician / Actor, “Bon bini beach”

Curt Fortin – Musician / Actor, “Bon bini beach”

Curt Fortin is born on the 27th of September in 1978 on the sunny island of Aruba.

At a very young age, Curt knew what he wanted to do with his life. Acting and singing. He had his first band at the age of 14 and toured across the Netherlands, Bonaire, Curacao and even his birthplace Aruba.

Besides his music, Curt directed a short movie in 1999 called “Little Man” which was aired by a local television station in The Hague. However, his passion for music kept him busy. In 2000 he recorded a few songs en hosted a radio program every Sunday at a local radio station.

In 2002 Curt began his acting career in a soap opera “Onderweg naar morgen” and the television series “Bon bini beach”. He also played the part of “Roberto” in the musical “De Zevensprong”.

Last year (2005), Curt was officially introduced as the new television host of the Dutch “Top of the Pops”, a music program that suits him per perfectly and a place where he can express his love for music.

Curt is now busy working on his debut album.

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Most Talented Actor – Matt Cedeno

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Most Talented Actor – Matt Cedeno

Matt Cedeno’s unfailing down to earth inner qualities has always brought an additional shine to his disarmingly stunning looks. Three years in a row, he was nominated for an ALMA award as Outstanding Actor in a Daytime Drama for his work as Brandon Walker on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.” He was the only actor from NBC Daytime to be nominated each year.

Cedeno successfully played a young boxer in the feature film “Price of Glory” (Jimmy Smitts plays the same character years later) and he appeared in the highly successful, “The Suburbans” with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ben Stiller. Cedeno completed his fourth year on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” and continues to be one of the most popular actors on television evident from consistent media reque sts and the thousands of fans who turn out for his public appearances as well as his overwhelming volumes of fan mail!

Cedeno has hosted the NBC afternoon talk show “The Other Half” during their sweeps month and Ellen Degeneris enjoyed his company on her talk show promotion. Cedeno was also seen hosting the Miss All American Latina Pageant through Estylo Entertainment. The pageant is the only national pageant exclusively for college women of Hispanic/Latin decent between the ages of 18-26. Cedeno hosted this show in Spanish and English. Cedeno taught himself Spanish and his command of the language opens him up to more of the Latino media markets. CNN Espanol completed an entire interview with Cedeno in Spanish as did People En Espanol Magazine.


Cedeno is very involved with helping Padres Contra El Cancer which is an organization devoted to helping economically disadvantaged Latino families in Los Angeles County whose children have been diagnosed cancer, most of whom are terminal.

Born in Moses Lake,Washington, Cedeno, of Cuban, Irish/English descent, has always been active in sports and had an aspiring career towards pro football when a debilitating knee injury abruptly put an end to that particular career direction. Renewed inspiration came when Cedeno was approached on his college campus by an acting and modeling manager. Before the school semester ended, he was off to Italy on a modeling assignment for Versace. Cedeno continued to juggle academics and a modeling career in Milan, Spain, New York and Los Angeles. One year after moving to Los Angeles, Cedeno landed a strong theatrical agent and studied with some of the industry’s most respected acting coaches. He continues to study his acting techniques while working and he remains physically active, enjoying sports such as boxing, soccer, baseball, skiing.

Matt Cedeno is recognized by the Hollywood media as one of Hollywood’s hottest rising young stars.

Hansen Lee, Male Model Malaysia

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Hansen Lee – Male Model Malaysia

Name: Hansen Lee
Profession: Model/ Private Gym Trainer
Country: Malaysia
Height: 6′2″
Chest: 43″
Waist: 31″


TV host Hansen Lee packs his Sundays with lots of activities.

SUNDAYS are precious. And Ntv7 Breakfast Show’s newest host shows that it is possible to do a bit of everything in one day: from feeding his “need for speed” to enjoying alone time with his girlfriend, to hanging out with his glamorous celebrity friends.

Towering at just over six feet, 26-year-old Hansen Lee looked fresh on a recent Sunday morning at the poolside of his condominium in Taman Desa, off Old Klang Road, in Kuala Lumpur.


Dressed in a pair of fitting Bermuda shorts and accompanied by his girlfriend of close to five years, Sue Chan, who was in a bikini top and a pair of shorts, the two were chatty and cheerful.

Typically, Lee starts Sundays with a swim after breakfast with the petite Chan at a coffee shop around the area. Otherwise, he tries to do some cardiovascular or weight training at the gym.


“We believe in doing fun things over the weekend, especially with friends,” says the former personal trainer just before diving into the pool.

When asked if he was one of those people who did not need to exercise and woke up looking beautiful, he is quick to answer “No,” adding that he still believes in exercising about three times a week to stay healthy and keep in shape.


After exercising, Lee usually hops over to The Little Dim Sum Place in SS2, Petaling Jaya, for lunch. He and Chan are crazy about dim sum and are constantly looking out for good dim sum.

“We actually found this place (The Little Dim Sum Place) by accident. It first opened in Desa Sri Hartamas and when it moved, we didn’t know where it was till we stumbled upon it here,” he says while digging into his food, which included his favourite dish – fried radish cakes.

Having grown up in Seremban, Lee led a regular childhood through to high school before pursuing his degree in the United States.

In 2003, he moved to Kuala Lumpur to work as a personal trainer at Fitness First and started modeling.


After making waves in the scene, he was nominated as one of the “50 Most Eligible Bachelors” by Cleo as well as one of the “Hottest Hunks” by New Icon magazine in 2005.

He won the Flydol Competition in 2006 and was a deejay for Fly FM. He was also named one of the regional finalists for the Guess “Faces to Watch” model search.

By the end of 2006, he was called for an audition at Ntv7 and has since been hosting the TV station’s Breakfast Show alongside Daphne Iking, Nazruddin Rahman and Sharifah Alia.

Lee auditioned five times before landing the job and was immediately thrown into the deep end as his co-host fell sick during his first week of work.


“It took some getting used to as there are no cameramen on set so early (in the morning). It’s all pre-programmed cameras set on me, so it was a bit strange initially. But my experience as a model on the catwalk and in commercials really helped,” Lee says, adding that he has learnt to “cover up” his on-air mistakes faster instead of “freezing”.

After lunch that Sunday, Lee is revved up for go-karting at the Speedway Plus Motorsport Circuit on the Elite highway.

“It’s either video games or this,” he jokes in the car as we navigate our way through many tolled expressways.

After a short briefing by operations manager Razman Idris, Lee is all suited up and set to have a go.

“Sometimes I practise alone so that I can do better when I race with my friends,” he says.

Satisfied with his solo practice, Lee is keen to meet his colleagues, who are also his friends, at La Bodega in Bangsar. Among Lee’s chic, cool friends are TV host Xandria Ooi and musician Yuri Wong. Over coffee and tapas, Lee and his friends tease each other about their encounters with some of their earnest fans.

The fun day with Hansen has come to an end. At the end of the interview, he is ever modest about his status. “The real celebrities are in Hollywood,” he says.